E Ink, Atmosic Announce eBadge Reference Design

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E Ink technology and Atmosic have announced today a reference design for eBadge applications. Atmosic is an innovator in extreme-low-power Bluetooth Low Energy semiconductor technology for the Internet of Things (IoT).

The smart badge market is set for a massive growth over the next few years. In 2019, eBadge devices were valued at USD 17.8 billion, and the market is forecasted to reach USD 33 million by 2025. The smart badge with displays segment is projected to grow at a CAGR of 29.1 percent during the forecast period. The growth of smart badges is due to the convenience and transaction security they provide, and their ability to tamper-proof storage of information and account identity of users.

Through the joint project, Atmosic will provide a power-optimized eBadge reference design, featuring one of E Ink’s 2.9” or 3.7” black and white displays, or 4.1” Gallery Palette™ color displays. It uses Atmosic’s M series extreme low-power Bluetooth LE platform, enabling long, multiyear battery life which can be extended by using optional on-chip energy harvesting.

Users can use the kit in landscape or portrait mode, and under a typical eBadge use case of three (3) image changes per day, a small CR2032 coin cell battery will last over three (3) years. This low power eBadge can also provide visual updates including a photo, location information, alert messages, and text messages. The use of energy harvesting can give the eBadge virtually unlimited battery life.

Timothy O’Malley, AVP of the US Regional Business Unit, E Ink, said: “The combination of E Ink’s low-power display and Atmosic’s low-power Bluetooth solutions gives product designers a solution that enables visual data without the need for bulky batteries or device charging challenges. We are excited to work with Atmosic to enable a new level of functionality for eBadges and to free product designers from power constraints.”

The reference design will be available through Atmosic website.

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