E-Ink notebooks enhance medical services at Minsheng Hospital

2024-03-22 / News / 2996 Sees / 0 Comments

In a bid to revolutionize medical care at Feixiangjiayuan, Minsheng Hospital has partnered with E Ink Yuantai Technology to introduce cutting-edge e-paper medical notebooks, OwlNews reported. Leveraging the lightweight, durable, and long-lasting standby features of e-paper, caregivers now have a seamless tool to document children’s daily activities, including growth records, vital sign measurements, and mental health assessments. Moreover, the versatility of e-paper empowers children with interactive modes for learning and creativity, fostering enhanced engagement and rehabilitation.

Dean Yan Jiaqi underscores the transformative impact of this technology on traditional care practices. By replacing paper-based documentation prone to defacement and illegible handwriting, e-paper not only elevates medical care standards but also mitigates paper consumption, thus reducing carbon emissions in alignment with ESG low-carbon environmental goals. Furthermore, it provides children with opportunities to engage with electronic technology, stimulating their imagination and self-expression in novel ways.

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