Why E-Ink is the Ultimate Sustainable OOH Option

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E-Ink is the inventor of world leading e-paper technology, launched out of the MIT Media Lab in 1997. While e-paper is commonly seen in platforms like Kindles and Soofa Signs, its versatility knows no bounds.

In an era where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, businesses are constantly seeking eco-friendly alternatives in all aspects of their operations, including advertising.

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising, which includes billboards, posters, and signs, has long been a staple in standard marketing strategies. However, traditional methods of OOH advertising often involve high energy consumption and produce significant waste. Enter e-ink technology, which offers a sustainable alternative to these outdated and overused strategies.


Advantages of E-Ink Technology

E-ink, or electronic ink, is a display film that mimics the appearance of ink on paper. At a power consumption approximately 100 times less than a traditional LCD or LED screen, this technology can be fully powered by solar energy, and hold its image for extended periods of time even without power. This alone makes e-ink perfect for OOH advertising, especially in outdoor settings where electricity may be limited or costly to access. 

Additionally, e-ink screens are plastic based films, which provide long lasting durability and easy installation. Unlike traditional LCD displays, e-ink does not require any backlight, but rather uses sunlight for visibility. The result? Crisper clarity under the sun's gaze, making e-ink the undisputed champion for outdoor displays like Soofa Signs. 

E-Ink on Soofa Signs 

Using e-ink film provides Soofa the ability to power our signs with the sun, making us the only sustainable platform in the OOH industry. We partnered with E-Ink in 2016 to bring their sustainable technology to Soofa Signs, and with their help, our signs were quickly able to reach more people than ever before while reducing our carbon footprint.

This alliance isn't just talk; it's a revolutionary stride towards sustainability. Johnny Chang, Senior Sales Director at E-Ink Holdings previously shared his perspective on how e-paper technology and Soofa are combining to advance sustainability in the OOH space: 

“Transform your community with Soofa's innovative solar-powered e-paper outdoor signage. Designed to provide both advertising and information to your community, e-Paper displays offer high-contrast, easily readable text and graphics, powered by the sun's energy, making them an eco-friendly solution for your community's needs. 

The e-paper technology also reduces power consumption, resulting in significant cost savings for your business. Soofa Signs are the perfect solution for displaying community events, schedules, and other important information, while providing local businesses with a powerful advertising platform. Upgrade your community's outdoor signage with Soofa's sustainable and cost-effective e-paper displays today, and join the green revolution with a powerful new tool for your community.” 

With traditional advertising platforms, one double-sided digital bus stop can consume 17,000 kWh of electricity a year. An LED digital billboard: 41,000 kWh. These two signs alone release nearly 22 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere annually. With e-ink, no carbon is emitted!


The Future of E-Ink 

E-ink has developed small color screens, and is working on making large scale color screens which Soofa will utilize. From small-scale color marvels to looming large-scale spectacles, the possibilities for e-ink are endless. Overall, e-paper platforms are the ultimate OOH tool for their impressive return on investment including low operational costs, long lasting efficiency, eco-friendly benefits and more. 

See what your brand can accomplish on Soofa Signs while decreasing your carbon footprint!

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