Onyx Launches a 6-Inch Color E-Reader Onyx Boox Poke2 Color e-reader



E Ink may be focused on perfecting folding electronic paper right now, but the company's work on color e-paper is finally making its way into a consumer product thanks to Onyx.

As Liliputing reports, the Onyx Boox Poke2 Color e-reader recently launched on the Boox store, and it offers a color experience for those willing to spend a lot for a far from perfect experience. Onyx is quite open about the Poke2 Color being based on "emerging technology" and states on the product page that the device has a "rather low resolution" compared to the more typical non-color e-readers it sells. It recommends the Poke2 Color only be purchased by those people "who are keen on trying new things."

So how limited is it? The Poke2 Color uses a 6-inch color E Ink display with a resolution of 1,448-by-1,072 pixels. When viewing black and white images or text it renders at 300 pixels per inch, but for color output that's reduced to just 100 pixels per inch. Color is also limited to just the 4,096 colors offered by the E Ink Kaleido panel. It's a touchscreen, though, and includes a front light with 32 levels of brightness control.

The chosen operating system is Android 9.0, running on a 2GHz octa-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and includes 32GB of storage space. Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.1 are supported, and the included battery is 1,500mAh. Altogether it adds up to a device weighing just 150 grams that's capable of displaying PDF, EPUB, MOBI, HTML, DOC, and text files while also offering the ability to side-load Android apps and listen to MP3s using headphones or a wireless Bluetooth speaker.

What may stop a Poke2 Color purchase even for those "keen to try new things" is the price. It's $299 for the e-reader, although Onyx is throwing in a protective cover for free, which usually costs $39.99. Even so, the non-color version of the Poke2 only costs $190, clearly showing how much of a premium that color E Ink display adds. However, the positive in all of this is the fact a color e-reader has hit the market, and that suggests others will follow, they'll get better, and they'll get cheaper.



E Ink目前可能专注于完善可折叠电子纸,该公司在彩色电子纸方面的研究最终将进军消费产品领域。

据Liliputing报道,Onyx Boox Poke2彩色电子阅读器最近在Boox商店推出,它为那些愿意为远不完美的体验花大价钱的人提供了一种色彩体验。Onyx对基于“新兴技术”的Poke2彩色阅读器持开放态度,并在产品页面上表示,与它销售的典型非彩色电子阅读器相比,该设备的“分辨率相当低”。该公司建议,只有那些“热衷于尝试新事物”的人才会购买Poke2颜色。

那么它有多有限呢?Poke2彩色使用6英寸彩色电子墨水显示器,分辨率为1448×1072像素。当观看黑白图像或文本时,它以每英寸300像素的速度呈现,但对于彩色输出,则减少到每英寸100像素。颜色也仅限于由E Ink Kaleido面板提供的4,096种颜色。不过,这是一个触摸屏,包括一个32级亮度控制的前灯。

选择的操作系统是安卓9.0,运行在2GHz八核处理器上,2GB内存,包括32GB的存储空间。支持Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n和蓝牙4.1,附带电池1500 mah。加在一起,它只有150克重,能够显示PDF, EPUB, MOBI, HTML, DOC和文本文件,同时提供侧载Android应用程序和使用耳机或无线蓝牙扬声器听mp3的能力。


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