Withings Go 智能手环发布 定价70美元-采用E Ink电子墨水屏

今年CES大展上Withings除了推出智能体温计之外还带来了一款采用了电子墨水屏幕的Withings Go智能手环,


官网预订地址:  http://www.withings.com/uk/zh/products/go

近些年一直在智能手表上发力的Withings终于再次推出了智能手环Withings Go,这个新成员在外观和佩戴方式上很像Misfit Flash智能手环。功能上还是传统的计步和睡眠监测,并可自动追踪跑步和游泳等活动。最大的亮点是正面采用了一块圆形的E-ink单色电子墨水屏幕,可以直接显示时间和运动进度。Withings Go采用纽扣电池供电,续航长达8个月。

采用电子墨水屏:Withings Go 智能手环发布 定价70美元采用电子墨水屏:Withings Go 智能手环发布 定价70美元采用电子墨水屏:Withings Go 智能手环发布 定价70美元采用电子墨水屏:Withings Go 智能手环发布 定价70美元

Revolutionary tech for all

At Withings, we believe that fitness tracking technology works best when baked into thoughtful devices that are designed to be fun, easy-to-use and accessible. Withings Go is our latest innovation to automatically track walk, run, swim and sleep. The E InkTM screen displays activity in real time at all times, functions as a watch on demand, and is legible even in bright sunlight and water. The best part? Withings Go comes ready to go the distance with a battery that lasts up to 8 months.

Progress at a glance

The Withings Go screen will always show how active you've been each day, and how far you are from your goal. Then, Go automatically syncs with the highly-rated Health Mate app to provide you with in-depth metrics on your activity and sleep. Within the app, your data is brilliantly displayed with graphs, rankings and deeper insights.

0Just start moving

Walk, run, swim, sleep and calories: Withings Go can be worn three ways and tracks what matters, automatically. Go recognizes activities and triggers sleep analysis when you go to bed. There’s no button to press, no lights to decode, no learning curve — the only thing you need to do? Wear it.

Go the distance

The E InkTM screen not only reads beautifully, the technology conserves power brilliantly, giving you a battery that will last for up to 8 months. There's no charger needed, no wire — it runs on a simple button cell.
Go for a swim or get caught out in the rain — Go is water-resistant up to 50 meters.
Where do you wear it? The included clip and wristband give you the flexibility to decide: on your wrist, belt, shoe, or in your pocket.

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