Modos introduce new E Ink Paper Laptop prototypes, Monitor, and development board  电子墨水 电子纸 电子墨水屏 EINK 墨水屏 eink 水墨屏 川奇光电 laptop 第1张

There is no dearth of E Ink devices dotting the marketplace though none of them is in the laptop form factor. It is here that Modos comes into the picture who are developing what they call the world’s first E Ink laptop, simply named the Paper Laptop. The good thing is that there have been some improvements made on the project so that the company is now claiming they have a few working prototypes ready. This should accelerate the development process henceforth as each unit can be used to test a specific aspect of the device and so on.

Modos also said they have made some modifications to the original prototypes they had unveiled in January this year. Among the modifications made include a redesigned chassis while a few other changes have been introduced elsewhere. The company also announced the launch of the Community Pilot Program where it is inviting enthusiasts to purchase the Paper Laptop and provide valuable feedback on its functioning.

Modos also isn’t stopping at the Paper Laptop but is also working on the Development Board as well. The company described it as a low-cost board that would serve as the basis for DIY projects using E Ink displays. A vast majority of such projects currently rely on the ESP32 development board and the Modos offering is touted to be an alternative to the same.

Lastly, the company is also working on an E Ink monitor as well which they have termed the Paper Monitor. It is being described as a standalone monitor that other devices can connect to and will serve as an additional display for reading or writing oriented tasks.

More details to follow soon. Stay tuned!

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