Amazon only has a few different color options for their Kindle e-readers. The entry level Kindle Basic is available in black and white, the Paperwhite 4 is available in black and twilight blue and the Oasis 3 can only be purchased in black. This might all change, Amazon is currently experimenting with more color variants, such as burgundy and pale green.

Amazon Japan and China are normally testbeds for new Kindle software and hardware models.  The rapid page turn system was initially designed for the Kindle Manga Model in Japan and in China they debuted the Migu X, which had two different bookstores. Good e-Reader can now confirm that in Amazon China, there are 4 color options for the Kindle Paperwhite 4, black, white, burgundy, pale green and twilight blue.

Sometime in the next few months the Kindle Paperwhite 4 will be available in four different colors and the Kindle Oasis 3 will have two for US customers.

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