GLIGO E-Ink Smartwatch -Hassle-free with style

国外众筹网站上新一款E Ink电子墨水产品的众筹,

售价119 USD,全球包邮



At GLIGO, we make premium hybrid smartwatches at a radically fair price. Smartwatch features run for an extraordinary 180 days and watch-hand battery lasts even longer - 2 years! 
 ✓ Minimalist design that fits any occasions
 ✓ E-ink screen for better visual experience
 ✓ 2-year watch battery life with 180-day e-ink display time without charge
 ✓ 3 in-use scenarios: sport/business/leisure
 ✓ "Simple nudge" reminders for incoming event/mail/call
 ✓ 30-meter waterproof

We feel so thankful for receiving many good comments about the products and we also learn that many backers are willing to buy more Gligo for their friends. We also get a lot of feedback about the improvements for Gligo. We do keep improving and updating the APPabout stability of the connection and other parts of the usage. What’s more, there is an update and improvement of Bluetooth and the second generation of Gligo2S is available.


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