13.3 inch Android e-reader手写办公E Ink柔性显示器

13.3 inch Android e-reader

Take notes, read e-books and install your favorite Android apps with our 13.3 inch e-reader.

A Large Screen e-Reader 

  • Every day thousands of people are in need of a large screen e-reader to consume e-books, manga, technical documents, PDF files and sheet music.  The standard six inch e-reader simply does not provide enough screen real estate do this and there are few alternatives that are available. 

    Good e-Reader is proud to launch our new crowd funding campaign for a 13.3 inch e-reader. This product will be utterly perfect to read any type of e-book you own, from EPUB to PDF.  You can make notes, highlights and annotations the an accompanied Stylus. The WACOM supported screen will ensure pin-point precision

    The most compelling aspect of our 13.3 inch e-reader is you can install your own apps via Google Android Market.






    The Perfect Size Screen for e-books



    The vast majority of e-readers on the market provide six inches to read your favorite e-books. The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 3, Kobo Touch 2.0 and Barnes and Noble Nook Glowlight + do not give you a great experience. As you can see from the picture above, our 13.3 inch e-reader completely dwarfs the Kindle Voyage.

    If you are a consumer this 13.3 inch e-reader will give you a tremendous e-reading experience. The extra large screen will let you read comics, e-books, manga, magazines, newspapers and technical documents.  If you have an existing collection you can easily copy them right to the e-reader or put them on an SD card.

    Our e-reader is running Google Android, which will let you install apps like Moon + Reader, Aldiko, Marvel Comics, Comixology, Manga Box and thousands of others.

    A truly large screen e-reader will be perfect for people who are overwhelmed by paper in their office.  Beneficiaries of Good e-Reader 13.3 inch E-Reader  include lawyers, governmental agencies, policymakers and legislators, professors and researchers in higher education, and executives. Easy to use right out of the box and optimized to accommodate 8.5" by 11" documents, our device achieves a breakthrough in handwriting. Once all of your notes are saved you can email them to a business college or just upload them to the cloud. 

    One of the big advantages of our e-reader is that the battery lasts for over a month and the e-paper display allows you to take it outside, without the sun obfuscating the screen.

    Download Over a Million Apps

    There have been only a few companies that offer Android e-readers, but never a 13.3 inch Android e-Reader.  The Good e-Reader 13.3 Inch has full support for Google Android Market, which has over a million apps.  

    Android on our 13.3 inch e-reader allows you to craft your own experience. Want to download both Kindle and Kobo to read past purchases? You can do that.  Want to take a break from reading and play Words with Friends? You can do that too.  Do you want to install Moon+ Reader, Aldiko, Manga Box, or Comixology? Google Android Market will be loaded on our 13.3 inch e-reader as your online destination to download and install paid and free apps. 

    Open Source

    We intend on making the firmware for the 13.3 inch e-reader available to the entire community. This is important because people want creative control in order to make software enhancements or even upgrade to Android M. 

    Each unit will ship completely unlocked, which means you can install your own apps and have full access to all of the developer tools. We will also be making the full factory image available after we ship out all of our units, so you can see what we did to make this device work. If you are an Android developer, with extensive experience in OEM  software for a commercial product, we would love to hear from you!

    Risks & Challenges

  • We have an engineering sample currently in our possession and we need to sell 60 of these in order to place the order with our manufacturing partner.  This is a very realistic goal considering how many people want an e-reader that is both open source and provides you with a dedicated note taking device. 

    The Flexible Funding Campaign for the 13.3 inch e-reader allows us to keep on taking orders, once the 60 days ends. 

    Ultimate e-reader

    A few months ago we ran an Indiegogo campaign for the Ultimate e-reader. During this time we only sold 60+ units, well below our expectations. We learned that hundreds of people wanted to donate or to place an order, but they were looking for something bigger, much bigger. The world is swamped with six inch e-readers and the last thing they wanted, was another. 

    We listened what the community wanted and our 13.3 inch device fits the bill.  If you ever saw the Sony DPT-S1, our e-reader functions exactly the same, except you can read EPUB/MOBI e-books and install your own Android apps. 

    Everyone who donated to our Ultimate e-reader campaign received a special link where they can upgrade to this model. The savings will be huge, because we want to reward everyone for their support. 

    Support the 13.3 inch e-reader 

  • You can think of our device as a Sony DPT-S1 on steroids, but it is cheaper, can run apps and read your favorite e-books. The DPT-S1 currently costs $799 and ours is only $699

    As soon as we hit 60 units we are going to place the order with the manufacturer and all of the orders will be shipped out by the end of the summer. All of our units will ship from Vancouver, BC Canada, so once we send them out, you will get them quickly. If you live in Canada or the US you will pay less for shipping. This e-reader is available internationally, so you can order it from any country in the world. 

    The Good e-Reader 13.3 is FCC certified and has additional certification for Canada and Europe.  

    If you can pre-order a unit, that would be great. If you can only afford to donate a few dollars, every bit helps. We could also really use your social media support, by clicking on the Twitter/Facebook buttons. Alternatively, please let your favorite tech blog know about our campaign.

    Stretch Goals

  • Once we hit $100,000 in funding we will upgrade Android from 4.0.4 to at least 5.1.1. This will be useful for people who want to run apps and require a modern OS.



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