This is an NFC-powered 7.5inch e-Paper Module, with 800x480 resolution. Users can transmit data from smartphone or NFC reader to e-Paper and refresh by NFC.


  • No backlight required, e-Paper keep displaying the last content for a long time without power
  • No power adapter required
  • You can modify the display content by smartphone
  • Compe with ABS case
  • App is provided


  • Power: NFC-powered
  • Resolution: 800x480
  • Dot pitch: 0.205 × 0.204
  • Refresh time: 5s
  • Display color: black, white
  • Viewing angle: >170°

User guide

You can scan the QR code to download and install the APP to your phone, note that the app can only supports Android 4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich) and above.

  • Click the picture button on the bottome to choose picture. You can choose the picture from DCIM or you take a picture by camera.

4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-1.png 4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-2.png

Except pictures from DCIM and camera, you can also make string picture manually.4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-3.png4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-4.png4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-5.png

  • You can cut the picture after choosing, resize it and rotate. For best effect. we recommend you to pre-adjust the picture according to the resolution of e-Paper.
4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-7.png4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-8.png4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-9.png
  • In the main page, you can select the process effect ( None Effect, Gray Effect, Block Effect, Sketch Effect and Neon Effect)
  • In the main page, you can clock the Adjust symbol on the left-bottom to adjust the brightness and contrast. You can also touch the "+" symbol on the right-bottom to adjust picture.
4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-10.png4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-11.png4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-12.png
  • After setting, close the NFC area of you phone to backside of 4.2inch NFC-Powered e-Paper to update it.

【Note】Make sure that you have open NFC function of your phone, and do not move phone when transmitting and updating.

4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-13.png4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-14.png4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-15.png
  • Other functions
You can also draw the picture. Click the "..." symbol on right-top , choose Gallery, touch one picture to enter drawing mode.7in5-nfc-epaper-1.jpg