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Joan Home

Perfect for your home office – show your availability and make sure no one disrupts your meetings and deep work sessions. Add a timetable to make it clear when your workday ends.

Magnetic mount

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  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Comes with a FREE 30-day Joan Home plan trial.
  • Includes standard 1-year warranty.


Get rid of all interruptions when working from home.

A device for your home office that connects with your calendar and keeps your work focused.

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Stay focused and do more.

Schedule deep work sessions. Joan will make it clear that you’re not to be interrupted and until when.

Let your family in on your timetable.

Clearly show your daily schedule - let the others know when you’ll be free and available for them.

Personalize the content.

Joan is an all-day-around device. Set up custom content when you’re done with your workday and display family pictures, fun facts or anything else.


A few words from our customers

“It minimizes distractions of my loved ones”

“I love Joan Home! It minimizes distractions of my loved ones and simultaneously allows me to create a daily personal schedule for keeping me focused.”

“It is a lifesaver.”

“It is a lifesaver. Kids never believed me when I said that I was busy and need to work. But now that it is written on Joan Home they respect that they should leave me to work. It has more authority than me.”

“It is a big stress reliever for everyone.”

“My kids love Joan Home. In fact, when they use my ‘home office’ for a call of their own, they expect the same level of privacy as I do when working. It is a big stress reliever for everyone. They also know when I'm done with my workday, and I know they will not interrupt.”


Why choose Joan?

Check out all the product details. See the value it brings through its seamless design and product specs.

Integrates with your calendars
Exchange, G Suite, Office 365, iCalendar.
High performance rechargeable battery
Up to 3 months of autonomy on a single charge.
Magnetic mount
Easily attachable to any surface in your home


It connects to your wifi, and doesn’t need a near-by power source.

High visibility and contrast

Uses a anti glare hard-coated front-surface.

Advanced E Ink® electronic paper

Full capacitive touch screen interface.


Stay focused and do your best work.

Joan’s smart home device is created for keeping distractions out of your workplace.

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