First Shipment of the Remarkable 2 delayed by 10 Weeks

The Remarkable 2 digital paper tablet was going to be released in phases with the first shipment set to occur in the middle of July. The company has verified with Good e-Reader that due to Coronavirus, the first batch will experience a 10 weeks delay. Subsequent batches will experience a delays too, by at least 3-6 weeks.

Remarkable told Good e-Reader “Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard to minimize the pandemic’s impact on delivery to our customers. Despite our best efforts, the necessary lock-downs and travel restrictions in place to help fight the pandemic have influenced the manufacturing timeline for Remarkable 2, which in turn will delay the availability. These challenges mean it’s going to take a little longer before it can be shipped.

While these challenges have impacted our current timeline, we’re doing everything in our power to accelerate the completion of Remarkable 2 and ensure product availability as soon as possible. We are investing in measures to limit the duration of the delay, including additional manufacturing capacity.”

The first batch of Remarkable 2 tablets basically are now delayed by at least 2.5 months now, which is a serious blow for the company wanting to make a big splash. This means its going to be awhile before any product reviewers can get their hands on a sample. The last I heard a couple of months ago that the tablets were just entering the mass production phase, but it looks like this is not happening for awhile.


引人注目的remarkable2电子纸平板电脑将分阶段送到预定者手中,第一批将于7月中旬发货。该公司已向Good e-Reader核实,由于冠状病毒,第一批将经历10周的延迟。后续批次也会出现延迟,至少延迟3-6周。

Remarkable公司告诉Good e-Reader:“在过去的几个月里,我们一直在努力减少流行病对我们的客户交付的影响。尽管我们尽了最大努力,但为帮助抗击这一流行病而实施的必要的封锁和旅行限制已经影响了remarkable2的生产时间表,而这反过来又将推迟供应。这些挑战意味着它需要更长的时间才能发货。




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