eVideon and E Ink Holdings to to provide hospitals with energy-efficient ePaper whiteboards displays

eVideon announced a strategic alliance with E Ink Holdings to provide hospitals with energy-efficient ePaper whiteboards and digital patient door displays.

eVideon E Ink hospital patient whiteboard photo

The companies says that the ePaper displays do not emit any unwated blue light, and will be particularly beneficial for patients who prefer sleeping in a dark environment. These displays can be powered by batteries or by power over Ethernet and so can be easy to install and maintain.

eVideon’s Digital Whiteboard technology helps patients and staff navigate the hospital and stay informed, and can be fully customized based on the needs of the organization to include content like important updates, patient services and more. Digital Patient Door Displays are mounted outside the patient’s door and are integrated with the hospital EHR and the eVideon system to display real-time patient alerts and precautions.

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