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Onyx Boox Note Plus

As someone pointed out over at MobileRead, Onyx has released a couple of different versions of the Onyx Boox Note in China, the Note+ and the Note Lite.

At this point it’s unclear if Onyx intends to release them internationally alongside their other Note models or not. Sometimes the different versions are only available in certain regions.

One of the odd things about Onyx is they often release like 10 different versions of the same model.

It’s needlessly confusing to customers and the differences are often minor.

For instance, the new “Lite” version of the Onyx Boox Note is exactly the same as the regular Note except it lacks a Wacom touchscreen.

It’s funny how they’re releasing a “Note” model without the ability to write notes. It’s not like you’re required to use the stylus with the regular model anyway. But it’s cheaper so I guess that’s worth something.

The Note+ adds a flush front screen and it’s about 35 grams heavier than the original Note. It’s unclear how the flush screen is implemented exactly, but it appears that they’ve added a glass layer to the front.

The Onyx Boox Note is by far my favorite new ereader released in the past year, and it would be nicer if it had a flush front screen, but not if it’s glass. Writing on glass is not a pleasant experience. The flush front screen on the Sony DPT-CP1 and Remarkable is much nicer without glass, and feels a lot more natural and paper-like when writing.

The Note Lite gets released tomorrow, September 1st, and the Note+ was released on August 27th.



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