Barnes and Noble has just done something they have never done before. They have released a variant color for the Nook Glowlight 4, Pearl Pink. The back platting of the e-reader is pink and the front of the unit

Barnes and Noble Nook Glowlight 4 with Pearl Pink Review

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Residents of New York City can look forward to the new E-Paper road signage system introduced by Nanov. As the website RavePubs mentioned, the solar powered e-paper displays use dual 13.3-inch E Ink p

Nanov introduces solar powered E Ink system to display bus transit and other info

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Modos had earlier announced it is working on an E Ink monitor which they are calling the Paper Monitor. The company now has some more bits to share on the stand-alone monitor which is going to be part

Modos Paper Monitor: Here is all that is known of the 13.3-inch E Ink monitor so far

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The AINOTE Air is iFLYTEK’s most advanced tablet yet. The AINOTE Air boasts 98% speech recognition accuracy up to 400 words per minute for a single speaker, 95% when tracking multiple speakers, and 96% for reco

First look at the iFLYTEK AINOTE Air Pro

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The Onyx Boox Poke 4 Lite is an e-reader that goes back to basics. It is a dedicated book reader with no note taking functionality and is totally geared towards the consumption of digital media. It might just b

Onyx Boox Poke 4 Lite Hands on Review

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The Onyx Boox Mira Pro is their first large screen E INK monitor and we finally have one in our studio to bring you a first look. It is designed very well and has a full aluminum body that is sliver. It has a n

First Look at the Onyx Boox Mira Pro 25 Inch E INK Monitor

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Onyx has just released a new firmware update for most of their modern e-readers and e-notes that are running Android 11. This includes the Nova Air C, Nova Air 2 Plus, Note Air 2 and a couple of other models. T

New Onyx update has improved page-turn speed on the Kindle app

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There is no dearth of E Ink devices dotting the marketplace though none of them is in the laptop form factor. It is here that Modos comes into the picture who are developing what they call the wo

Modos introduce new E Ink Paper Laptop prototypes, E Ink Monitor, and development board

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Hyread is a Taiwanese company that has been making e-readers for number of years. They have released numerous models and also operate their own digital bookstore. They primarily market it in China and the surro

Hyread Gaze Note Plus is a 7.8 inch e-reader and e-note

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Pocketbook has totally redesigned the new Era e-reader. It looks unlike any other model they have ever produced. Gone are the buttons on the bottom of the screen and they now have touchscreen interactions. The

First Look at the Pocketbook Era e-reader

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The Xiaomi InkPalm Plus 3rd Generation is a very portable ebook reader. It has a 5.84-inch screen and is powered by the Rockchip RK3566 processor. The new eBook reader has a 2:1 aspect ratio and a front-lit E-i

First look at the Xiaomi InkPalm Plus e-reader

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