New Onyx Update v2.2.1 Released for Boox Note Pro and Nova Pro

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Onyx Boox Note Pro

Onyx has announced the release of a new software update for their lineup of Boox ereaders that run Android 6.0.

So far the initial release is only available for the Note Pro and Nova Pro models, but other Boox models should be getting the update soon too, probably this week.

The new update version is 2.2.1.

This update brings a lot of changes, although Onyx notes that the Android 9.0 update and split screen feature released with the Max3 and Note2 won’t be available just yet.

This goes to show that the Android 9 update really doesn’t mean much of anything at all from a user perspective since they brought most of the new features and UI updates to the old Android 6 software as well.

They’re already working on a 2.2.2 update with even more new features.

To download the update, you can go to the settings section on your device and download the update from there. Onyx also has the update files available to download from the support section of their website.

Here’s the changelog for the 2.2.1 update:

Neo Reader:

1. Now highlights on flow documents can be exported to third-party services (EverNote, OneNote).
2. Add a right-left page-turning mode (the initial pages on the right side).
3. Optimized the toolbar of scribble and sidenote. For the brush and eraser tools, single-click to toggle tools, and double-click to expand more options.
4. Add a setting for showing a bookmark, which can be disabled via Settings-Global Settings.
5. Optimized the page preview (every 1/4/9 pages).

6. Now users can add a specific password or use a screen lock password for notes.
7. Auto-refresh after lifting the stylus, 500ms by default, which can be customized.
8. Optimized the toolbar of Note. For the brush and eraser tools, single-click to toggle tools, and double-click to expand more options.
9. Optimized the toolbar interface. All toolbars have been moved to the top.
Support to customize the tool positions on the toolbar.
10. Add a feature of AI original recognition, showing the converted text at the original handwriting position.
11. Now it allows inserting images to notes.
App optimization:
12. Automatically optimize third-party apps with default optimization settings when they’re opened. Allow to manually customize the settings.
13. App optimization now is only available with the Navigation ball. Canceled the way of long-pressing icons for calling out app optimization.
14. The display modes (normal mode, speed mode, A2 mode, X mode) can be set for every app.
15. Add the options of full-page, volume to Navigation Ball settings.

16. The Navigation ball is enabled by default (for quickly running app optimization).
17. The global display modes (normal mode, speed mode, A2 mode, X mode) are prior to the display mode settings for individual apps.
18. Add a global contrast setting.
19. Add a built-in display rotation feature (support 4 directions).
20. Speech recognition supports punctuation recognition. There’s no pause time limit now (only for devices with Mic).
21. Add a system setting: Settings — Password (the original library settings have been moved to the pull-down menu of Library interface).
22. The storage can be shown in a list or two columns.
23. Optimized some other UI.


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