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This is one product everyone has been waiting for. The first 13.3 inch digital note taking device with color. The dream has been realized with the advent of the upcoming  Fujitsu Quaderno 3rd Generation with a E INK Kaleido 3 e-paper display. Fujitsu will be the first major brand to take advantage of this new technology. Good e-Reader received a hands on first look at the Quaderno at Ceatec in Tokyo Japan, a mere 4 hours ago.

The third generation Fujitsu Quaderno will have an E INK Carta 1250 display panel. This is the same one that they employed on the second generation model that came out in 2021. Basically, you get all of the advantages of Carta 1200, found on many of the most popular e-readers in the world, such as the Kindle Paperwhite and Kobo Sage, however with 1250 you get improved pen latency, so it is more responsive with freehand drawing, editing PDF files or taking notes.

The A4 features a 13.3 inch screen with a resolution 2560×1920 with 240 PPI, this is a huge visual upgrade from the second generation model which had a resolution of 1650 by 2200 with 227 PPI. One of the big selling points is this is the first large screen display to use Kaleido 3. This new e-paper has support for 4096 different colors and there is a wider color gamut and 30% better saturation. However, there is a drawback with this new screen, the color PPI is only 80. This is attributed to the fundamental way that  Kaleido 3 handles PPI differently. It takes the overall black and white PPI and cuts it by 1/3 and this is what the color PPI will be. There is no front-lit display on this model, however it is using a WACOM layer and will come with a new stylus. You will also be able to bring in your own stylus.

The developers of the new display panel that Fujitsu is going to be using, Linfiny only makes the screens. So this is what they were demoing to us, they did disclose that Fujitsu already placed a massive order for 13.3 and 10.3 inch displays. The body and housing that contained the e-paper panel was just for demonstration purposes, so we don’t know what processor, RAM and how much internal storage the final product will be using. However, I was told it would have USB-C a larger battery and an all-new stylus.

The price? The Kaleido 3 panel will add $100 to the cost of the second generation Quaderno. So you will likely be paying around $879.99 USD. I think many people will be falling over themselves buying this when it comes out.  The dream of many of our readers over the past couple of years has been a color 13.3 and so far, nobody has ever released one. Something is very compelling about an A4 that can natively read PDF files at the screen size that it is originally intended. You can read any type of PDF file and get a glorious coloring experience. The richness of the colors is so much better than Kaleido Plus panels. When playing around with the drawing app, there were around 16 different colors to draw with, but this is subject to change in the final product.

I do a know a few additional things. This model will support APK files, so you will be able to install your own apps. Play Store wasn’t available, but it did have a bunch of Google apps preinstalled, such as Chrome.