Kingjim Pomera DM 250 Digital Typewriter ReviewSeptember 27, 2022 By Michael Kozlowski Leave a CommentKingjim has just released a brand new digital memo pad, which is in essence a digital typewri

Kingjim Pomera DM 250 Digital Typewriter Review

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The Bigme Pocketnote 7 comes across as a handy little device that is part e-reader and part e-note device. That said, it seems more of the former than the latter though that has much to do with the limited scre

Bigme Pocketnote 7 review: The handy e-note device with lots of practicality

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There were plenty of rumors that Kobo was planning on refreshing the Clara HD e-reader and they have done so in a big way. The second generation model is called the Kobo Clara 2e and there are numerous selling

First Look at the Kobo Clara 2e e-reader

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Residents of New York City can look forward to the new E-Paper road signage system introduced by Nanov. As the website RavePubs mentioned, the solar powered e-paper displays use dual 13.3-inch E Ink p

Nanov introduces solar powered E Ink system to display bus transit and other info

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There is no dearth of E Ink devices dotting the marketplace though none of them is in the laptop form factor. It is here that Modos comes into the picture who are developing what they call the wo

Modos introduce new E Ink Paper Laptop prototypes, E Ink Monitor, and development board

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E Ink携手生态圈伙伴2022智能显示展盛大展出以低碳绿色的电子纸多元应用打造全方位智能城市生活E Ink元太科技将携手电子纸生态圈伙伴,于4月27日起开展的Touch Taiwan 2022智能显示展共同盛大展出, 以低碳电子纸为技术核心,结合上下游生态圈伙伴的创新产品设计及多元场景应用,展示由电子纸打造的全方位绿色智慧城市生活场景。E Ink元太科技多年来积极经营电子纸上下游供应链,从IC、模组、系统整合,到应

E Ink携手生态圈伙伴2022智能显示展盛大展出

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